“I have called about 10 electricians for a bid to install a EV charging station’s. However only a hand full of electrons called me back.  TriNetwork (Sebastian) was one of them.  From the very beginning, Sebastian was very responsive and prompt when he came to my house (twice) to access the work needed.

Sebastian was the only Tesla tempered recommended electricians that I had contacted.  After a few weeks of discussion with him and other electricians I knew he was the right person for the job with his expertise and knowledge.  His quote was more reasonable than the competition.

Once we decided on date, Sebastian was prompt on time and finished the job in about 5 hours.  I’m so impressed by his work and he also took the time to cleaned everything up.  Once he was done you couldn’t tell if there were any construction.  He was very detail and everything was up to code.

I would highly recommended TriNetwork for any electrical job especially for EV Electric”

-Jon K. Cypress, CA


“Choosing an electrician can be very daunting and stressful. As electric vehicle sales are on the rise, many electricians work competitively to differentiate themselves from each other. It takes an exceptional electrician to not only meet expectations, but to surpass them and earn a client’s respect and trust. Sebastian and his team worked diligently, and made the entire process less stressful and the experience positive.

Sebastian guided me through the entire process. Prior to work agreement, Sebastian took his free time to guide me through all the necessary steps to have everything approved, such as, speaking with my utility provider, speaking with HOA, as well as speaking with the city for inspection. Sebastian provided advice and experience on common pitfalls that may hinder the entire process. Sebastian also provided me with detailed explanations on his work, the load calculation, amperage needed, recommendations on outlets and charge stations, all without charge. He gave me the ability to make sound and informed decisions, instead of letting me proceed with the work without knowing what I was doing.

Sebastian has always kept my best interest in mind. Given the requirements with HOA on equipment being shown outside of the wall, Sebastian was kind enough to construct a plan to conceal all conduit, wiring, and any necessary materials behind the wall. My main breaker is on the outside of my walls and Sebastian was able to conceal all equipment mentioned without any issues. All other electricians I have spoken to were not able to accommodate this request.

Sebastian surpassed his due diligence and exceeded expectation by catering to my questions and requests not met by other electricians. Sebastian answered all my text and phone calls throughout the entire day and even after business hours. Sebastian balanced my entire process with other clients without ever making me feel like I wasn’t the first on his list of priorities. Sebastian was kind enough to repatch and paint any portion of walls broken down for his work where other electricians won’t do. Sebastian’s rate was extremely competitive and given the amount of research and calls with other electrician, his rate was far below my anticipated budget and cost. Sebastian continues to offer help with any questions I may have.

I had a phenomenal experience with Sebastian. I started this process with little expectations, but walked out with a complete installation ready for my electric vehicle. I highly recommend Sebastian and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

-Raven T. Alhambra,CA


“The power went out in one room of my house.  Flipping the circuit breakers didn’t help.  I called Sebastian this morning and he fixed it this afternoon, after a few hours of investigation.  Sebastian showed up right when he said he would.  Great service!”

-Kenny K. Los Angeles, CA


“I needed someone to install my Tesla charger and asked for several quotes from the Tesla recommended companies on their website. Sebastian was the first one to answer my email and  the first one to come to the house.

His prices were very reasonable for the scope of work. All email conversations with him were clear and prompt. He was able to clearly give me options for the install  of my NEMA14-50 which I changed to installing a Tesla  wall charger. He was open to my questions and very knowledgeable about the power requirements needed for my car charger. He even pulled out the City permits.

His professionalism and good workmanship impressed me. The way he managed to run the wires from my breaker and take it under my crawlspace to the garage was clean  and neat.  I am confident I will use gis services again in the future.”


-Allen O. Glendale

“Sebastian and his team performed the work we requested, in an expedited manner, and without any issues.  He explained the process ahead of time, came on time (early actually) and left no mess behind. We are very happy with our Tesla charger, and recommend him and his team to anyone looking for expert service in the LA area.”

-Panos L. Los Angeles, CA


“I needed an qualified electrician to replace a defective level two charger with a newer unit.  Sebastian dropped what he was doing and was available right after I called.  He got the job done quickly and professionally.  He even cleaned up after himself.  Highly recommend his services for above and beyond quality and service.  I’ve been through at least three other electricians trying to find a high quality person to get the job done.  Thanks for the recommendation Tesla and thank you Sebastian !!!”

-Cyrus L. Monterey Park, CA


“Sebastian gets a 10 out of 10 in every category. Workmanship, price and attitude are unbeatable. Choose Sebastian every time. Can’t recommend him enough!”

-Trevor C. Santa Monica


“TriNetwork installed my Tesla High Power Wall Connector and mounted a TV in master bedroom for me. They did an awesome job. Everything was clean and professional. Prior to emailing them, I had called and emailed 4 other electricians in my area, 3 of which never responded. It was like pulling teeth trying to get a quote from other electricians. TriNetwork responded to my request within a couple hours and was out to do the installation the same week. They took care of the permits and everything was clearly quoted via email. I’m happy I found them and will definitely be using them for future projects.”

Roger W. Arcadia, CA


“Finding a good electrician on Yelp is more difficult than procuring a decent bowl of ramen.
Open up a phone book or commence an online search, you can find a name, but it may be a roll of the dice, and mistakes can be pricey.
We found Sebastian to install a 240 volt outlet.
He was prompt for the day of the quote.  His quote was competitive compared to others.  But I never pick based on a low bid, rather who will likely provide value, quality, and good service.
The day of the install, he was very efficient and professional. He had all the paperwork ready for the city permits.  He vacuumed up afterwards and was very polite.  Highly recommended.
Now I have 40 amps for fun.”

-Ray C. Southern California, CA


“I hired TriNetwork twice for electrical work at our home. We worked with Sebastian on both occasions. He was very reliable and responsive. He did great work installing an upgraded panel and a charger for our new all-electric car. Thank you, Sebastian, for a 5-star experience!”

Lisa G. Redondo Beach, CA

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